What’s phony about Nonie

Hi all.

This is my first blog. Lemme tell you why the “phony” Nonie. Well, I have this insanely stupid habit of watching myself as a detached observer and from that angle, I look somewhat of a phony in whatever I do or say; although the quest to find the real me has been on for a long time. I’m here to share the random serendipitous ideas that hit my right hemisphere, sorted by the left one to palatable forms; though more often, they end up pulling in opposite directions with my corpus callosum turning into a battlefield.

I guess that’s enough of a starter. See ya soon with some eccentric thoughts.


11 thoughts on “What’s phony about Nonie

      1. Sometimes it’s good to just leave it as it is. I often re-read my writing (especially with poetry) and feel weird about it. But it reminds me that it is how I felt then. Maybe you’re just too cynical about yourself?

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