Homosapiens are considered the most evolved species on the planet earth, surely not for their wisdom, but for their cognitive skills which they use for dominance and control over most of the planet.

The human species is defined by memes and memes are cultivated by narratives. Different sects of humans have fabricated different narratives, in their quest for dominance, each propagating their own while suppressing others’ and this mindless race of narratives and memes has brought the world at the brink of a very ugly apocalypse. Richard Dawkins in his book hypothesized how selfish gene might have lead to evolution of life through adaptation and natural selection but he missed out on how selfish meme could become the raison d’être for extinction of life.

Amongst the stupendous variety churned out by human creativity, religions are the most powerful memes having very strong narratives. These narratives demand unflinching faith and following – without questions, doubts or inhibitions. Different religious memes have different facets and doctrines – some are peaceful and accommodating while some are pretty hardnosed, conservative and non-accepting of others. Amongst the latter, there are a few extremist kind having very rigid, unswerving, brutal and aggressively expansionist narratives. Such narratives explicitly declare anyone and everyone who’s not a follower as enemies which need to be either converted or destroyed. Such radical narratives profess the use of all possible tricks for spreading out while using weapons of coercion, intimidation & even terrorism to keep own people subjugated and frightening others.

These narratives are enforced as religious jurisprudence, imposed as God’s immutable divine laws on their subjects. The violent pull-push of fanatical expansionism and counter-resistance amid religious memes have brought the whole world to a highly volatile state, leading to an almost sure destruction. Whoever wins, the world loses.

The narratives need to be changed.



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