About me!

You are really curious, ain’t you!

This ‘About’ page is supposed to be carrying a brief introduction of the blog and its writer. I’ve been procrastinating it for so long; and now that I’m at it, I’m at a loss..what do I write for myself?

Not so surprising for someone who confesses to be a phony, right!

In any case, I’m just an average douchebag; apt in blithering non-stop on all possible topics in the universe but the moment I’m required to give a formal introduction, I go flummoxed.

A blog is as good as the blogger!

So lemme just tell you about this blog and you’ll get a good idea of the whacky character behind it.

By now you’ve already realised that I’m super-dud in humour; and you can rest assured that I’ll not spare any efforts to infuse my wrecked sense of absurdity doused in ridiculously caustic satire in everything I can squeeze my little fingernail into, consequences be damned.

In addition, you can expect some misplaced rhyming on the name of poetry; random musings and yappings on a wide variety of topics, genres and flavors to include emotions, politics, philosophy, world peace, human evolution, alien attacks, zombie infestation, apocalypse, breakups, blind date blues,…you get the drift or shall I go on!?

I may also throw in some strange short stories and narrations based on certain personal experiences of intentional, incidental and/or accidental happenings during this rollercoaster ride called life.

In short, you are likely to find a variety of maddeningly weird stuff, with sporadic doses of deep imposing thoughts. (May induce a strong desire to pull your hair…mine being out of your reach. It would be wise to use a safety helmet if you love your hair.)

This kind of sums it up. Rest on the blog!

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