Tourbillion d’amour (Part 4)

Hi Friends, This time I made sure that I post the next part in the series well in time. Hope You are enjoying it. If you've stumbled upon my blog the first time, be a sweetheart and make sure that you read the earlier 3 parts before diving into this one. Enjoy! Part 4 He … Continue reading Tourbillion d’amour (Part 4)


Hi Pals! I'm starting this category for short stories, with a separate link placed on the homepage. There are so many stories spread all around us; we just need to see. The stories posted here may be based on real experiences either by self, and/or by my friends/relatives/acquittances/milk-vendor/masseuse/anyone-who-cares-to-share-some-story. The stories might be laced with some … Continue reading SHORT STORIES


They say- ‘Perfection is rare!’  I don’t agree. Not so rare!  I see perfection in many things around me. Maybe my definition of perfection and my perception of those ‘perfect’ things is at variance with others. Still, a perfect relationship ??? A relationship is one of the most overtly over-hyped and mindbogglingly abstract abstraction in the … Continue reading THE PERFECT RELATIONSHIP