Hi Pals!

I’m starting this category for short stories, with a separate link placed on the homepage.

There are so many stories spread all around us; we just need to see. The stories posted here may be based on real experiences either by self, and/or by my friends/relatives/acquittances/milk-vendor/masseuse/anyone-who-cares-to-share-some-story. The stories might be laced with some totally incongruous fictional details at places to cater for the necessary spices. (Here I’m the storyteller; and it does give me the right to add/edit/modify/tweak the narrative)


1. Any resemblance to any place, person or event is purely intentional. All puns are intended.

2. Anyone feeling offended is free to feel bad.. Just don’t convey that bad feeling to me๐Ÿ˜…

3. I reserve the right to attribute any such offending details to fictional ramblings if I happen to get cornered๐Ÿ˜œ

4. Shouting “foul” on the name of assault-on-the-freedom-of-expression will be resorted to, if harassed by unhumorous geeky intellectuals.


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