The underwritten rendition is inspired from the beautifully crafted post by stoneronarollercoasterthis is for her.


Silhouettes are shady things

inspiring awe and fear

They could hold

evil strangers in their fold

Or there may be a beguiling treasure

hidden behind those abominable astounding silhouettes

waiting to be discovered

If you dare to go near


The fear

of silhouettes and shadows

mostly accentuates

your own inner turmoil and sorrows

Don’t you think

it’d be nice to hear n blink

 the secret stories they hold

And to have yours told


The lovely calm ocean, besides

might want to be stirred up a little

by the touch of chaos you wear inside

For it needs a little rumble

every now and then

to break the deafening lull

Like a castaway

lost in unending waves

loves to hear

the screech of a seagull !



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