A small simple word

with a meaning pretty deep

Open straightforward frank unvarnished,

no secrets to keep.


It’s so serene,

so blissful to be open n free

Sans the ties of lies,

like the wind,

a bird n a tree.


But in a world

of crookedness n deceit 

Where everyone is

on a lookout to cheat

You gotta be careful

while being candid,

Lest they take your secrets

and leave you stranded.


It’s okay to open up

with friends who care

It’s so liberating to let go

of inhibitions & share

True friends are

a treasure so splendid ,

With whom you can let

your wings down and just go candid!



8 thoughts on “CANDID

  1. I’m pretty sure everyone could relate to this post. In a world with a constant desire for validation, seldom can we enjoy the pleasure of being candid.
    Finding people you can be candid with is indeed a treasure we need to cherish forever.
    Amazing post! Keep writing. 🙂

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  2. on a candid note adding on to the candid thoughts. as you age and get more exposed to the real world the reality of being candid to the human environment around you may or may not have much of a relevance but what is of utmost value is to be candid and truthful to one self. in the complex maze we live in by choice or involuntarily, the subtle and sometimes obvious demarcation between greys and black and whites merge. so the need to be candid to own conscience in flesh and spirits will ensure that we stand tall and not become a servant to the circumstances…

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